21st Century Transportation for America



6/30/22    Streetsblog:  Clear Victory for High-Speed Rail as State Budget is Approved

4/18/22    Bloomberg:  Will a Fast Train to Vegas Lure Road Trippers From Their Cars?

3/13/22    Automotive News - Making the case for high speed rail in the US 

2/22/22    Progressive Railroading:  Texas transportation council cancels hyperloop plans

2/11/22    Railway Age:  Why is High Speed Rail Such a Heavy Lift?

10/22/21  Bloomberg:  Transit, Rail Backers Fight to Keep Funds in Biden Spending Bill 

8/11/21    The Hill:  Rail advocates say infrastructure bill falls short

7/16/21    The Hill:  Business, labor groups teaming in high speed rail push

7/15/21    High Speed Rail Gets Boost From New Coalition

7/02/21    Rail Fights Primed as House Passes Funding Bump, Safety Measures

6/29/21    High speed rail plans should appeal even to staunch critics

6/17/21    AOC, Gillibrand rally for high speed rail in Biden's infrastructure package

6/16/21    Ocasio-Cortez, Gillibrand and Moulton call for more high speed rail funding

6/01/21    High speed rail speeds past congestion to a bright economic future

5/26/21    Joe Biden wants to spend $80 billion on rail projects. What does that mean for California?

5/18/21    Newsom Proposes $4.2 Billion for Bullet Train

5/07/21    High Speed Debate Continues - in Congress

5/07/21    High speed rail gets moment in Congressional spotlight

4/30/21    ABC News: How 'Amtrak Joe' Biden's infrastructure push could put rail back on track in the US

4/30/21    How Biden's infrastructure push could put rail back on track in the US

4/15/21    Could 'Amtrak Joe' Give High Speed Rail its Long Awaited Glow Up?

4/5/21      Biden's Infrastructure Plan Targets Passenger Rail

4/3/21      Will Biden's $2.3 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Usher in Era of the EV?

3/31/21    Biden Administration announces details on major new infrastructure push

3/16/21    High speed trains. Fast internet. Clean water. Solar energy: These should be Biden's goals now

3/16/21    High speed rail would get $205B boost via new bill

3/10/21    VOX:  Gen Z's high speed rail meme dream, explained

2/8/21      High speed rail through CT could finally happen

2/3/21      Railway News:  US Senate Confirms Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary

2/2/21      It has been slow to arrive, but high speed rail could be coming

1/22/21    Could Joe Biden Reverse America's Railroad Disaster?

1/20/21    What we can expect to see from the Biden Administration regarding travel

1/18/21    Biden administration pushes EVs, high-speed rail as future of American transportation

  1/6/21    Streetsblog:  California HSR is Peachy

12/11/20  Alstom is the latest rail company to join the US High Speed Rail Association

12/9/20    Moulton, Boyle and Delbene Introduce the American High Speed Rail Act

11/25/20  Conde Nast: President-Elect Joe Biden's Dedication to Trains Could Transform Domestic Travel

11/20/20  DB joins U.S. association to support America's high speed rail development

11/20/20  Deutsche Bahn has joined USHSR as a globla VIP member

11/12/20  USHSR Releases New HSR Plan

11/12/20  US High Speed Rail Association Releases High Speed Rail Plan and Projects

11/11/20  Five-point plan aims to accelerate US high speed rail development

11/9/20    Biden is Good News for High Speed Rail

11/8/20    Bosselman: Colorado doesn't need a useless rail line. It needs true high speed rail

10/23/20  Senator DiPalma Participates in Natinal Infrastructure Bank Panel

10/22/20  FS USA with USHSR for North American High Speed Rail development

10/20/20  FS Italian Railways joins US High Speed Rail Association

9/29/20   Brightline West Offers $3.2B in Bonds to Build Las Vegas to California High Speed Train

9/25/20   California High Speed Rail Advances

8/22/20   High Speed Rail also likely at stake in the presidential election

8/19/20   High speed rail advocates portraying Bakersfield as key stop in project's development

7/30/20   USA Today:  High speed rail coming down the track: America's newest, fastest trains

7/8/20     CNN Business:  For American high speed rail, 2020 could be a turning point

7/7/20     Transit projects fly in the city of angels

5/11/20    Lack of rail limits U.S. ability to lower airline emissions

4/15/20    Virgin Hotels Las Vegas Remains Focused on Fall 2020 Opening, Virgin Trains Receives $600 Million

2/18/20    Supporters Say Las Vegas to Benefit from Virgin USA High Speed Train, Station Details Released

12/19/19  Fast Company:  Why Microsoft is getting behind a revolutionary plan for high speed rail

11/13/19  Seattle Times:  Rail advocates push for high speed bullet train through Pacific Northwest

11/12/19  Advocates push for high speed rail connecting Vancouver to Seattle, Portland

11/12/19  Rail advocates push for Northwest bullet trains linking Portland, Seattle, Vancouver

11/08/19  Experts, officials meet at Microsoft HQ to discuss high speed rail between Vancouver and U.S.

8/28/19    Finding ways to keep Amtrak running on time

6/11/19    The turn to transit oriented development

6/03/19    Expert: Colorado Should Build High-Speed Rail Along I-25

5/22/19    Trump's love of infrastructure doesn't extend to California high speed rail project

5/18/19    Officials Clash as FRA cuts CAHSRA funds     


12/15/18   High Speed Rail in Tallahassee?

10/30/18   New Chair Announced for US High Speed Rail Association

8/15/18     The Politics of Bringing High Speed Rail to America

8/2/18       EESI High Speed Rail Fact Sheet released

6/7/18       High Speed Rail: Now It's America's Turn

5/18/18     Florida boosts high-speed rail with new regional service

3/26/18     Majority of Californians Still Support HSR

12/13/17   The Battle of the Supertrains

11/19/17   Transit-centric communities sprouting in the suburbs

7/27/17     3 Diffferent Visions of the Future of Trains

6/20/17     Wall Street Journal:  The Future of U.S. Train Travel

6/08/17     Trump's Privatization Proposal Stakeholder Reactions

6/02/17     Is High Speed Rail the Region's "Silver Bullet"?

3/29/17     Trains, Plains, and Auto-Fields: We Need Another Marshall Plan for Rail

3/04/17     High speed rail line could one day run thruough Upstate SC

3/01/17     Tidbits from This Week's US High Speed Rail Association Conference

2/10/17     Can Donald Trump Get High Speed Rail on Track in America?

2/08/17     Is the L.A. Times out to destroy California High-Speed Rail?

1/21/17     Potential Big Cuts to Amtrak Are Bad for Everyone Including Drivers

12/23/16   What Infrastructure Projects Might Appeal to Trump?

12/12/16   Private Plan for Minnesota High Speed Rail Faces Opposition

12/12/16   Faster Rail Service Is Coming to America - Slowly

12/10/16   Private plan for Twin Cities-Richester high speed rail

10/11/16   Industry stakeholders weigh in on election-impacted rail issues

9/19/16     Manteca needs to get on track

8/29/16     Amtrak spending $2.45 billion on faster trains and improved stations

8/26/16     The Feds Just Gave Amtrak $2.4 Billion. This is Why it Needs the Money

8/11/16     Maps show where high speed trains could travel beyond a Houston-Dallas line

8/08/16     Animated map shows how radically an HSR system would improve travel in the US

8/07/16     High speed rail projects could put local, state economies into top gear

6/02/16     The US Has a Lot to Do to Catch Up to This Swiss Engineering Marvel

4/20/16     Build transit villages atop BART, High Speed Rail and other stations

4/15/16     A New Map for America

3/14/16     All Aboard Florida's Self-Propelled Paradigm Shift

9/25/15     Why Doesn't America Have High Speed Rail?

9/23/15     The Economist: China Invests in America's High Speed Rail

9/18/15     LA-Las Vegas HSR Link Gets Help

8/11/15     Texas High Speed Rail

7/18/15     High speed rail remains elusive in the U.S.

5/26/15     Signal Failure, The Sorry State of U.S. Infrastructure

5/14/15     International Business Times:  U.S. Rail System Way Behind Rest of World

4/24/15     Zip Rail backers make their case in Washington, D.C.

4/22/15     Amid Capitol Hill opposition, high-speed rail gets second wind

4/22/15     Critics ignore Amtrak's value for commuters, travelers

4/20/15     Japanese maglev train to attempt 589km/h speed record

4/17/15     LA Times:  Japanese company says its magnetic levitation train set speed record

2/19/15     Bloomberg:  Race to Build California Bullet Train Shows Value of U.S. Market

2/12/15     Foxx Testifies to Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

1/31/15     Old Mode of Travel Back in Vogue

1/07/15     California Just Broke Ground on HSR Network

1/06/15     Bloomberg: Jerry Brown Pushes Bullet Train Opposed by Republicans

1/06/15     California Just Broke Ground on a $68 Billion Project That No Other State Has

12/12/14   High Speed Rail Conference Draws Wide Ranging Interest

11/26/14   High Speed Rail: Everyone's All Aboard, Except America

10/22/14   Backers of a Maglev Train Hope to Outpace Acela in NEC

9/15/14     Why it's too Soon to Write Off Elon Musk's Hyperloop

8/19/14     Bullet Trains Comes Closer to Reality in Texas

8/18/14     The Bullet Train That Could Change Everything

8/18/14     California High Speed Rail Faces Skepticism As Construction Begins

8/13/14     One year later, Hyperloop remains a fantasy

8/06/14     Delays Persist for U.S. High Speed Rail 

7/09/14     The California High Speed Rail Debate - Kicking Things Off

7/07/14     High Speed Rail Essential to Economic Growth

6/26/14     Dallas to Houston Bullet train speeds towards environmental review

4/22/14     Maryland Attorney Genera Ganslerl: State should study HSR line

4/14/14     Dukakis pushing for North-South rail link

3/27/14     Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston mayors back private high speed rail

3/27/14     Texas Mayors Back Houston-Dallas Bullet Train

3/25/14     Trains That Could Be Better Than Planes

3/18/14     This Land is Our Land

3/07/14     Fresno Bee:  As doubts cloud California HSR, other state plans move

3/06/14     Congressional Hearing on PPPs, House Ready to Move on Projects

2/27/14     GlobalPost:  For US high speed rail, California project is bellwether

2/10/14     DC: Anthony Foxx to Headline High-Speed Rail Summit

2/04/14     High Speed Rail will benefit Texas, US

1/20/14     Dallas Morning News:  Need for speed

12/09/13   Northeast Corridor High Speed Rail Plans

11/14/13   Amtrak set to finish new rail study

11/02/13   Baltimore Sun:  Maglev train idea resurfaces again

10/4/13     US Taps into European High-Speed Rail Knowledge

8/12/13     Update on Hyperloop concept rail project

8/09/13     Future of high speed rail could ride on private investment

8/07/13     Institutional Real Estate:  Infrastructure Report

7/16/13     Los Angeles Times:  Hyperloop rail design

7/10/13     EMBARQ City Fix Integrated Transport Q&A

6/27/13     Foxx Confirmed as New DOT Secretary   

6/17/13     The Weather Channel:  The World's Fastest Trains

6/07/13     RailwayAge:  CHSRA finalizes first HSR contract

5/23/13     Diridon Says High Speed Rail Necessary for Pollution Reduction

5/13/13     Government Technology:  Has High-Speed Rail Been Derailed?

2/13/13     Politico:  Ray LaHood defends President Obama's passenger-rail strategy

2/13/13     DC Streetsblog:  Mica Won't Let His Grudge Against Amtrak Die

2/12/13     Mass Transit:  Secretary LaHood on Pushing HSR Forward 

2/12/13     Bisnow:  The Importance of Union Station

2/12/13     Mass Transit:  High-Speed Rail Summit: How Do We Pay For National Projects

2/11/13     Washington Business Journal:  D.C.'s Union Station featured at national rail summit

2/04/13     Fact-Checking Anderson Cooper's Horrid High-Speed Rail Segment

1/31/13     Keeping CNN Honest: 10 Ways Anderson Cooper Got the Rail Story Wrong

12/20/12   TRB Meeting to feature 3 USHSR award winners

12/13/12   Bloomberg BusinessWeek:  Amtrak Plans to Replace All High-Speed Acela Trains

12/13/12   National High Speed Rail Awards Announced

12/13/12   Bloomberg:  Amtrak NEC upgrade 

12/07/12   Mercury News:  Vintage streetcar making rounds in San Jose

12/05/12   USHSR Conference:  HSR in America Update

12/04/12   Mass Transit:  Global HSR & CHSRA's Dan Richard

12/03/12   Bloomberg:  California bullet-train plan seeks wealth funds, pension plans

11/20/12   Judge rejects request to delay high speed rail

11/20/12   California's High Speed Rail Gains Momentum

11/16/12   NBC:  Rod Diridon Gets National Rail Position 

11/16/12   KTRE 9:  Rod Diridon to Chair USHSR Advisory Board

9/26/12     UIC:  USHSR Applauds FRA Decision to Proceed with CA HSR

8/29/12     Contest:  Support HSR and Win a Trip to Europe!

8/18/12     International Business Times:  Big Plans at Amtrak

7/27/12     High Speed Rail:  A Vision for the Future

7/23/12     Infrastructure News From Around the World

7/19/12     Passport:  California to Build America's First High-Speed Rail System

7/18/12     CNN:  Governor signs law to make California home to nation's first HSR

7/16/12     InfrastructureUSA:  Report From UIC Conference

7/16/12     Mass Transit Magazine:  USHSR Announces Free Trip for 2 to Europe

7/11/12     Consumer Energy Report:  The Logic of High Speed Rail in America

7/11/12     Smart Planet:  California's high-speed rail as an energy lifeline

7/11/12     UIC HSR Conference Underway

7/11/12     Post Carbon Institute - Transport and Streets

7/09/12     USHSR Association Applauds CA Legislature for Voting 'Yes' to HSR

7/05/12     Green Chip Stocks:  California High Speed Rail Investment

7/05/12     Politico:  Open Letter to California State Legislature

7/05/12     US High Speed Rail Association at the 2012 Revewable Energy Expo

6/19/12     California High Speed Rail Critical Decision

6/04/12     Middle Class America Can Travel High-Speed Rail in Affordable Luxury and Comfort

5/30/12     Mass Transit:  Bringing High-Speed Rail to America - Part 2

5/29/12     Bringing High-Speed Rail to America - Part 1

5/23/12     High-Speed Rail Leaders Voice Guarded Optimism at SF Conference

5/23/12     Politico:  High-speed rail's many benefits

5/21/12     Autodesk Hosts US High Speed Rail Association Conference

4/20/12     Talking Points Memo:  California HSR and America

4/20/12     Virginia Forges Ahead on State Rail Projects

4/03/12     James Oberstar at USHSR's Transportation Summit in DC

4/03/12     Many positive responses to CA new HSR business plan

4/03/12     USHSR Applauds CA Governor for New HSR Business Plan

3/22/12     Why not tie high speed into existing rail?

3/19/12     Talking Infrastructure at the HSR Summit 2012, DC

3/15/12     USHSR Applauds U.S. Senate for Passing Bipartisan Transport Bill

3/05/12     Airplane Travel is So Last Century

3/03/12     Pelosi Remarks at the US High Speed Rail Association Conference

3/02/12     Houston Representative promises high-speed rail in Texas  

3/01/12     LaHood: High speed rail remains a 'major priority' for Obama administration

2/29/12     Jackson Lee vows to bring high speed rail to Texas, despite budget constraints

2/29/12     Obama's high-speed rail plans hit traffic in Congress

1/19/12     Mass Transit:  USHSR Applauds CA Governor Brown's HSR Vision

1/05/12     International Railway Journal:  Time to think big in America

12/19/11   Mass Transit:  Creating 21st Century Transportation

12/02/11   Amtrak Reshuffles Northeast Operations

12/02.11   Second effort for high speed rail?

11/22/11   SustainableCitiesCollective on High Speed Rail's Future in US

11/21/11   What is High Speed Rail and Will It Reduce Emissions?

11/15/11   News Flash English:  Why doesn't the USA have high speed rail?

11/09/11   HSR Offers New Opportunities for Labor

11/08/11   Washington Post:  House Transportation Chairman on NEC

11/08/11   San Francisco Chronicle:  Mica Ending Effort to Seize Amtrak NEC 

11/08/11   Epoch Times:  Amtrak to Keep Northeast Corridor Route

11/08/11   Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood 

10/21/11   TFI News:  USHSR Video Interview

10/19/11   Reframing the Transportation Debate

10/17/11   Amtrak Reports Record Passengers

10/17/11   Wall Street Journal:  Plan for High Speed Rail

10/14/11   BBC:  Could the US crack high-speed rail?

10/14/11   Fox Business News:  Record Amtrak Passengers Hint at Growning Demand for HSR

10/04/11   DC Streetsblog:  USDOT Tries to Resuscitate HSR  

9/26/11    USDOT Secretary Ray LaHood to Speak at USHSR Conference

9/25/11    Support High Speed Rail

9/21/11    Bloomberg:  High Speed Rail Win

9/19/11    On liking Amtrak, or not

9/12/11    Amtrak rolls on 40 years later, destination still uncertain

8/22/11    Mass Transit Magazine:  USHSR Compliments CA Governor Jerry Brown 

8/19/11    California Gov. Brown gives thumbs up to state's HSR project

8/18/11    High-Speed Rail is Worth the Heavy Costs

8/15/11    The Root: High-Speed Rail Races to the US?

7/28/11    DC StreetsBlog: Mica and Rail Supporters Meet Halfway

7/27/11    NARP: USHSR on Fox Business News

7/15/11    High speed rail pushed

7/06/11    Infrastructure Bank plan would help build bridges, boost jobs 

6/21/11    The Hill: Advance high-speed rail with Amtrak privatization

6/20/11    Mass Transit: High-Speed Rail Update

6/10/11    Illinois to Study Feasibility of High-Speed Rail at 220 mph

6/09/11    Making the Case for High Speed Rail in America

5/31/11    State's high speed rail draws Spaniards' attention

5/25/11    Putting high-speed rail back on track

5/25/11    The Hill: Transportation chairman to outline plan to boost private investment in NEC

5/11/11    ENR: True High Speeds Vital for U.S.

5/10/11    National Journal: Amtrak, 15 States Share $2 Billion for HSR

5/09/11    Bloomberg: Northeast Wins Biggest Part of High-Speed Rail Grants 

4/22/11    All Aboard the Eco-Train

3/14/11    The Hill: Making high-speed rail a national priority

3/11/11    Reuters: U.S. High-Speed Rail: Time to Hop Aboard or Be Left Behind 

3/11/11    DC Streetsblog: What Boondoggle?  Private Sector Wants in on HSR Action

2/25/11    Orlando Sentinel:  Scott's rail decision based on bogus report

2/25/11    Bond Buyer:  LaHood Gives More Time for Florida's Decision to Nix Fast Rail

2/23/11    Bond Buyer:  Florida Rail Supporters Seek Ways to Salvage Project 

2/17/11    NPR:  Fla. Governor Rejects High Speed Rail Funds

2/17/11    High Speed Rail Is Still On Track

2/17/11    Mass Transit Magazine:  USHSR Responds to Florida Governor

2/17/11    Wall Street Journal:  Florida Governor Cancels Rail Plan

2/16/11    US High Speed Rail Assoc. reacts to Scott's derail

2/11/11    USHSR summit encourages lobbying efforts

2/08/11    The Hill:  US High Speed Rail Association Conference

2/08/11    Washington Post:  Investing more in high-speed rail will keep U.S. competitive

2/03/11    Florida Independent:  Castor aligns with business lobbyists to push for HSR

1/28/11    Hearing Envisions High-Speed Railway for Northeast

1/27/11    Crain's New York Business: Political parties agree on high-speed rail for NY

1/27/11    Mica Touts Public-Private Northeast Corridor HSR in Grand Central Hearing

1/22/11    VISION: Can a New High-Speed Rail System Save the American Dream?

1/05/11    Acela offers a cautionary tale

12/18/10   NPR:  States Move Ahead With High-Speed Rail Projects 

12/13/10   National Journal:  High-Speed Rail: Political Football Anyone?

12/09/10   Florida will get an additional $342 million to complete HSR line 

12/09/10   Mass Transit Magazine:  US High Speed Rail Association Update

12/05/10   Consumer Affairs:  Is High-Speed Rail Travel in America's Future?

12/03/10   WC Business Journal:  Rail travel of the future:  realistic or just futuristic?

11/30/10   AQ Americas Quarterly:  Post Election Prospects for High Speed Rail

11/29/10   Mass Transit Magazine on the current state of transit in America

11/23/10   Herald-Tribune Political Insider on HSR

11/22/10   USA Today:  High-speed rail projects land in tug of war between governors

11/17/10   National High Speed Rail Plan Unveiled

11/16/10   Washington Post:  High-speed rail forum looks at future

11/16/10   LaHood says high speed rail funds will be quickly reallocated to other states

11/15/10   Washington Post:  State projects will drive funding for high-speed rail 

11/12/10   High speed rail conference planned

11/11/10   Fox Business:  Derailed: Why High-Speed Trains Haven't Caught on in the U.S.

11/02/10   New York Times:  Rail Advocates Urge Obama to 'Be Like Ike'

10/29/10   International Business Times:  White House stokes high speed rail

10/27/10   Bond Buyer:  California, Florida, get $1.7 Billion for Rail 

10/15/10   The High-Speed Rail Debate

10/12/10   National Journal:  Talkin' About a Rail-Volution?

10/08/11   U.S. High Speed Rail on Track to Becoming a Reality

10/05/10   Wired:  High Speed Rail Becomes Political Punching Bag

10/03/10   Amtrak's high-speed rail will have trouble finding a way through Westchester

8/24/10    Red flags for high speed rail 

8/18/10    International Business Times:  US High Speed Railway:  a matter of cost and demand

8/18/10    CNN:  Is the U.S. turning the corner on high-speed rail?

8/17/10    Siemens Takes the Campaign for U.S. High-Speed Rail Straight to the Customer 

8/16/10    Taking High-Speed Trains into the Future

8/09/10    Philadelphia Inquirer:  Cost the highest hurdle for high-speed rail in U.S.

8/05/10    The rationale behind high speed rail travel 

7/22/10    Making money with high speed rail

7/19/10    Time magazine:  Can High Speed Rail Get on Track?

7/18/10    Financial Post:  New York to Montreal in nothing flat

7/17/10    Pushing a speedier track

6/29/10    Business Building Opportunities

6/28/10    The new American can't-do spirit

6/28/10    Bloomberg Businessweek:  U.S. HSR Plan Faces Tension Over Tracks

6/18/10    Bloomberg Businessweek:  LA-San Francisco HSR Bidding May Begin Next Year

6/13/10    Officials take steps toward high speed rail 

5/02/10    Tampa Bay Online:  Financing rail gets second look

5/02/10    Cape Cod Times:  Amtrak, The romance is gone, and the future is tardy

4/28/10    Bond Buyer:  Rail Plans Raise Hope and Doubts

4/25/10    Washington Post:  Amtrak ridership is up 

3/16/10    Mass Transit Magazine - USHSR Conference

3/05/10    Lakeland Ledger - Development Potential

3/04/10    WFTV Central Fla Spotlight Film 

3/04/10    Lakeland Ledger - Orlando Conference Identifies HSR's Success Factors

2/01/10    ABC News:  Money Woes Could Threaten High-Speed Rail's Future

1/29/10    Bond Buyer:  Rail Backers Rejoice

1/29/10    Herald Tribune:  Obama's boost for rail; is it big enough?

1/28/10    StreetsBlog:  White House Awards

1/05/10    Bond Buyer:  Waiting for Multi-Year Legislation

12/14/09  High Speed Rail Gets Another Look

11/30/09  Politico:  Lobbyists Rush to High Speed Rail

11/10/09  High Speed Debate

11/06/09  New York Times:  Stimulus Sparks Scuffle Among High Speed Rail Boosters

10/26/09  Others leave U.S. in the dust on high speed rail

10/23/09  Speed-Riding the Rails

10/23/09  High speed rail advocates say $8B is just a start

10/22/09  The Infrastructure Condo That Could Make High Speed Rail Happen

10/15/09  Kunz urges US to build high-speed network

10/05/09  High Speed Rail:  A No-Brainer

9/25/09  Fox Business News:  Why We Need High Speed Rail

9/09/09  Roll Call:  Banking on High Speed Rail

9/02/09  TRB Transportation Research Board:  High Speed Rail 2009 Conference

8/31/09  NPR - All Things Considered:  US High Speed Rail Network Begins Taking Shape

8/10/09  Chicago Tribune:  Are 110 mph trains on the right track?

8/10/09  Transport Weekly:  National high speed rail advances in the USA

8/07/09  High Speed Rail in Amerika

8/07/09  China's High Speed Rail Will Leave U.S. in the Dust

8/06/09  Get Onboard - High Speed Rail is Good for the Industry

8/05/09  Local 435:  US High Speed Rail

8/04/09  HoustonTomorrow:  Ambitious HSR vision 

8/03/09  Maglev v. High Speed Rail

7/30/09  US High Speed Rail Association Envisions 17,000-Mile Nationwide System

7/27/09  Railway Insider:  US High Speed Rail Association established

7/24/09  Bisnow:  Railing for Rail

7/21/09  ENR:  Rail Race: Maglev or HSR, What is the Future? 

7/21/09  Mass Transit:  US High Speed Rail Association Established to Promote National HSR

7/18/09  New Group to Advocate for High Speed Rail

7/17/09  Is the United  States on the Right Track for High Speed Rail?

7/15/09  CG/LA Infrastructure video interview with USHSR President

7/14/09  New Mexico Politics:  High speed rail to NM by 2020?

7/13/09  Real Rail At Last

7/13/09  A national high speed rail network up and running by 2030 - Yes we can

7/13/09  US High Speed Rail Association to Advocate for High Speed Rail Network Across the USA

7/13/09  Group looks to USHSR in age of high speed rail

7/12/09  New Group to Advocate for High Speed Rail

7/10/09  Three-state push seeks Denver-El Paso rail

7/09/09  High speed rail:  The long wait for fast trains

7/08/09  High Speed Rail has a New Association

6/09/09  UIC Director General joins the Advisory Board of USHSR

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