21st Century Transportation for America

State-of-the-art in smart, visionary transportation for America

Numerous benefits with train systems

Faster, more efficient mobility, enormous energy savings, reduced environmental damage - a train system solves many problems:


  • Creates millions of green jobs nationwide building the new rail infrastructure and manufacturing the rail cars
  • Pays for itself by significantly reducing our $700 billion-a-year foreign oil purchase trade deficit
  • Offers a convenient, comfortable way to travel without hassles or delays
  • Congestion Relief - delivers new mobility while relieving congestion on highways and runways
  • A major step toward solving climate change by reducing our oil consumption and emissions
  • Drastically reduces our oil addiction and lowers our risk from the coming peak oil crisis
  • Lowers our dependence on costly military operations securing oil flow around the world
  • Lowers our national security risk, and ends wars for oil
  • Freedom from oil - Powered by clean electricity from renewable energy sources: wind, solar, geothermal, ocean/tidal 
  • Safe, affordable, green transportation for everyone
  • Saves lives (43,000 Americans die each year in car accidents)
  • Provides efficient mobility that moves people and goods without delay and waste

Trains outperform both flying and driving in every measure - capacity, mobility, speed, safety, cost, efficiency, energy consumption, profitability, carbon footprint, physical footprint, economic development, smart growth, and national security.

This is the silver bullet!

"Cities that have high speed rail will be more competitive and better positioned to attract tourism, businesses, and high quality personnel."

                                BizTimes | U.S. Conference of Mayors | UC Irvine | Env. Law & Policy CenterChicago Tribune | TRB | ARTBA 
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High speed rail is good for America... everyone stands to benefit! 


Freedom from the daily hassles, delays, dangers, and problems America's transportation systems have become

High speed rail = freedom from our current transportation problems

 Freedom from airport security hassles, freedom from never-ending flight delays and cancellations, freedom from being forced to spend hours stuck in airports, freedom from having to turn off your electronic devices, freedom from endless traffic jams, freedom from car accidents, freedom from foreign oil dependency and rogue nations controlling us, freedom from oil price spikes, freedom from transferring our wealth (money we spend on transportation) to terrorist-ridden nations that don't like us, and freedom from being pulled into resource wars.

Promoting HSR for America is promoting freedom for Americans!

HSR is as American as we can get.


A National HSR system is the centerpiece of a sustainable America

            Renewable Energy
    Green, Electric Transportation
   Walkable Urbanism

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US HSR.  Making it happen.