21st Century Transportation for America

This utilizes 'the best tool for the job'

Endless highway & aviation congestion and delays are what 'overload' looks like - representing a massive waste of time, money, and energy
As the nation contemplates a major infrastructure investment, its important to look at the complete transportation system of America at all scales, and trip distances. These charts showcase a complete transportation system, and the problem with our current incomplete system missing the rail network. These charts represent new comprehensive thinking for smart national transportation planning!

An integral part of a complete system, high speed rail can carry enormous capacity! A single HSR line transports up to 20,000 people per hour (more than a 10-lane freeway + 2 airports), without delays or congestion. The addition of HSR to America's transportation mix would remake it into a complete system. HSR fills the middle range of passenger trips in the 100-1,500 mile range, while shifting aviation to its most efficient range of passenger trips of 1,000 miles or longer, and cars covering their most efficient range under 100 miles.

This improves mobility across all transportation modes and gets America out of endless congestion!

ENDLESS CONGESTION is considered normal by traffic engineers! In reality, the fact that we have endless congestion conditions all over America after spending trillions of dollars on transport proves our transportation policies and investments are no longer working, and have become a huge waste of public money. Transportation policy needs to be radically changed to actually offer real alternatives to endless congestion, and provide fast, efficient mobility to Americans. Its time to invest big in high speed rail - all across America.

High Speed Rail gives America transportation that works, and makes people's lives happier!

3-Tier Rail System for America

The complete sustainable transportation system for America - a 3-tier, integrated rail network. The backbone of the network is the HSR system, connected to the regional and local rail systems in a seamless network. This network includes regional and commuter rail, metro systems, light rail, streetcars and trams.

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