21st Century Transportation for America


                  ENERGY                                   CLIMATE

                SAFETY                                   CAPACITY 

According to Webster, Silver Bullet means:  "something that acts as a magical weapon; especially one that instantly solves a long-standing problem."

Based on this definition, high speed rail is even better than a Silver Bullet because it will not only solve 1 long-standing problem, but 4 of them simultaneously! So HSR is the 4X Silver Bullet!

High speed rail quickly transforms regional transportation patterns as fast as it can be built! Within the first days of opening a new line, HSR captures 50% of the air market, and 20% of the road/driving market in that corridor. The marketshare quickly increases from there to 80% and higher for HSR, as proven all over the world.

HSR is the best transportation "deal of the century" offering up 4 major solutions with 1 investment. No other mode of transport even comes close! In fact, the other modes make all 4 problems worse. Its time for America to get serious and build the future while permanently solving our problems.

"High speed rail solves multiple problems at once!"

Thousands of miles of delays and waste daily
Endless, costly delays - every airport, every day
"High speed rail carries 20 times the capacity of highways!"

US transportation paralysis - every city, every day
Fast, efficient mobility - every train, every day
This is Highway Hell... a dangerous, unpredictable competition with a lot of angry people. Buckle up, say your prayers, and good luck!
"Welcome to Airport Hell. Nothing will be going as planned, so we do hope you have lots of extra time. Thank you for flying with us!"
"High speed rail carries 10 times the capacity of aviation!"

Constant delays and hassles
High capacity, efficient mobility - never delays or hassles
"American transportation is a mess because we've left out the most important piece - High Speed Rail!"

High capacity, safe, efficient transportation
Trains outperform both flying and driving in every measure - capacity, mobility, speed, safety, cost, efficiency, energy consumption, profitability, carbon footprint, physical footprint, economic development, smart growth, and national security.

A network of high speed trains can carry more passengers than cars and airplanes combined - using a fraction of the energy, and with no delays.

As the nation contemplates a major infrastructure investment, its important to look at the complete transportation system of America at all scales, and trip distances. Our new chart showcases this new thinking for national transportation planning!

An integral part of a complete system, high speed rail carries enormous capacity! The addition of HSR to America's transportation mix would remake it into a complete system. HSR fills the middle range of passenger trips in the 100-1,500 mile range, while shifting aviation to its most efficient range of passenger trips of 1,000 miles or longer, and cars covering their most efficient range under 100 miles.

China built more than 12,000 miles of state-of-the-art high speed rail in 9 years!


China built more than 12,000 miles of state-of-the-art high speed rail in 9 years!