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Transit Oriented Development and HSR   

Transit oriented development (TOD) is the exciting fast growing trend in creating vibrant, compact, livable, walkable communities centered around high quality train systems. TODs can be stand-alone communities, or a series of towns strung along a rail line like pearls on a string. TODs are the integration of community design with rail system planning.

High speed rail is the backbone of a rail-based transportation system. When combined with regional rail, light rail, metro systems, streetcars and trams, a complete and integrated rail network is achieved enabling easy, fast mobility throughout the system. Coordinating and encouraging compact, mixed-use development around the rail stations completes the system by enabling people to live, work, and play along the system without the need for a car, or having to deal with the daily traffic nightmare. Together, these save time, money, energy, and lives. 

Connecting national, regional, and local trains with mixed use communities
Sustainable transportation for America: 3-tiered electric rail network surrounded with TOD
"When trams, trolley buses and advanced forms of collective transport become the norm in US cities and towns, their physical redesign will no longer be constrained by the need to accommodate so many motor vehicles.  Freed from the constraint of car-dependence, American architects, planners and urban designers will create many places that inspire a desire to stay put rather than an urge to speed away for shopping, work or entertainment at a distance." -Anthony Perl, Transport Revolutions 

TOD in Denver
Transit Oriented Development at Union Station, Washington DC
Del Mar Station Transit Village, Pasadena, CA






Multi-modal transportation
Integrating trains and buildings
A National HSR system is the centerpiece of a sustainable America

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The Human Scale
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Reducing our oil consumption through compact community design combined with rail transportation.

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"Transit Oriented Development as an approach to combat traffic congestion and protect the environment has caught on all across the country.  The trick for real estate developers has always been identifying the hot transportation system.  Today, highways are out; urban transit systems are in." -The Urban Land Institute (ULI)

United Kingdom
The New ITALO, the Ferrari Train!
Germany - bringing cities closer together
"88% of Americans support high speed rail"

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