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California HSR is a Special Project of National Significance - the largest, most advanced HSR project in the nation, with the first phase under construction. There is widespread public and business support for the project. It's already creating jobs, and will quickly become a national demonstration project for advanced HSR technology in America. Given its location near Silicon Valley, this could lead to the launch of a new high tech industry.

California will be the first test of 220 mph trains on American soil, quickly advancing the nation from last place to first place in global state-of-the-art HSR



Inspired by successful high-speed train systems worldwide, California's electrically-powered high-speed trains will help the state meet ever-growing demands on its transportation infrastructure. Initially running from San Francisco to Los Angeles/Anaheim via the Central Valley, and later to Sacramento and San Diego, high-speed trains will travel between LA and San Francisco in under 2 hours and 40 minutes, at speeds of up to 220 mph, and will interconnect with other transportation alternatives, providing an environmentally friendly option to traveling by plane or car.

Project Scope  

800 miles of track… up to 24 stations… the most thorough environmental review process in the nation. Due to the large scope of the project, the planning process proceeded in phases: first, program-level review assessing the need and service area for a statewide system, presenting broad policy choices, and identifying corridors for further study, and second, project-level review in more detail for determining the best alignment and station locations within each of nine system sections. Why? Greater community input, resulting in the best system for all Californians
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California High Speed Rail Project is Full Speed Ahead



January 6, 2015







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"1 out of 4 flights between San Fran & LA are delayed more than 1 hour"


"The majority of Silicon Valley commuters drive alone and spend an average of 37 hours per year stuck in traffic.  That's a loss of $721 on excess fuel consumption per commuter - more than $840 million in total every year.  Long solo commutes and congestion on our roadways contribute to dramatic and rapid changes in the climate of our planet and decrease productivity and quality of life for our employees." -Silicon Valley Leadership Group


"A lot of people want to turn off the lights.  I'm not one of them.  We're going to build, we're going to invest, and California is going to stay up among the great states and the great political jurisdictions of the world." 
-CA Governor Jerry Brown, January 2012


"If Californians have the patience and the political will to stick with it, they'll have a project with extraordinary environmental, economic and transportation benefits.  If they don't, they'll have worsening congestion, rising pollution and soaring transit expenses as gasoline prices continue their inevitable rise.  We like the first vision of the future better."
-Los Angeles Times, 1/7/12

Clean, green, fast, efficient transportation for a 21st century California
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"1 out of 4 flights between San Fran & LA are delayed more than 1 hour"

California High Speed Rail... coming soon. (Photo source: NC3D)

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