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Learn about advanced global high speed rail systems operating in nations all around the world including France, Italy, Germany, Spain, England, Japan, Saudi Arabia and more. Learn about the rapid development of the world's largest high speed rail network in China. Get the latest on high speed rail developments around Europe including the private operator NTV in Italy.

See the latest, most advanced trains and how they have transformed entire economies. Hear about high speed rail success stories in nation after nation. Learn about the rapidly expanding global high speed rail network, new projects, and how operators are adjusting to the travel slow down and preparing for post-Covid travel.

Learn how other nations financed and built modern, fast rail networks connecting their nation. Hear about the many benefits HSR systems deliver on a daily basis to people all around the world including fast new mobility options, access to new opportunities, opening up vast areas of affordable housing, creating millions of good jobs, and providing a clean, green transportation system for a sustainable future.


  • Learn about high speed rail systems
  • Hear the benefits of high speed rail and what it will bring to America
  • See the development of global high speed rail over time
  • Learn about where high speed rail works, marketshare, competition, etc.
  • Hear about the housing, employment, and locational benefits of high speed rail
  • See how high speed rail is an essential affordable housing/affordable community solution
  • See how nations have financed and built high speed rail around the world
  • Learn why nations are using high speed rail as a major climate solution


Francois Davenne, Director General, UIC (International Union of Railways). Mr Davenne assumed the role of UIC Director General in January 2015.

He graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications d’Evry in 1988 and from the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) in 1999. Having gained experience in international satellite telecommunications, he initially held various roles in the housing sector, making use of his strong financial and legal skills. He was involved in policy and regulation of the sector and managed key operational programmes, most notably for the city of Paris.

After three years with the French Ministry of Transport, working on railway safety and regulation, with an emphasis on European regulations, he was elected in 2012 as Secretary General of OTIF, the Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail. From early 2013 to the end of 2018, he promoted interdisciplinarity and partnership building in order to expand and develop the uniform regulations for international carriage by rail.

is the International Union of Railways, based in Paris, and oversees high speed rail operations, standards, research, and advancement around the world.


Marc Guigon is Passenger Director at UIC (International Union of Railways). He is also coordinator of UIC Latin-American Region and chair of the UIC Covid-19 Taskforce.

He joined UIC in June 2012 and is responsible for Passengers activities, including development of High-Speed Rail in the world, Railway Stations, Telematics Applications for Passengers, ticketing. He is also responsible for regional and commuter traffic services, development of opportunities for touristic trains. As coordinator of UIC Latin American Region, he is involved in the railway development of these countries. He is also the UIC Covid-19 Task Force Coordinator which comprises 70 UIC members and 18 International organisations.

Prior to joining UIC, Marc worked 7 years in the office of the French Prime Minister, responsible for French national policies of transport in the field of spatial planning: including railways, roads, urban transport, airports, ports and waterways. He was also engaged in the economic development of a French Region: Champagne-Ardenne and was the State contact point for any questions related to spatial planning in the region (European Development Funds, agriculture, culture, employment, transport, industry, water policy, urbanism, rurality…).

Lastly, he was responsible for intergovernmental cooperation between France and China.

Prior to that Marc was responsible for railway freight strategy at the SNCF, manager of rolling-stock maintenance workshops and carried out research projects in the field of railway transportation.


Dr. Anthony Perl is Dr. Anthony Perl is Professor of Urban Studies and Political Science at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia. He received his undergraduate honors degree in Government from Harvard University, followed by an MA and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Toronto.

His research crosses disciplinary and national boundaries to explore policy decisions made about transportation, cities and the environment. He has published in dozens of scholarly journals including Energy Policy, Transportation Research, Journal of Transport Geography and a myriad of others. His work has been awarded and recognized internationally.

He has also published five books including The Politics of Improving Urban Air Quality, which he co-edited and coauthored (1999) and New Departures: Rethinking Rail Passenger Policy in the Twenty-First Century (2002).


Dr. Andrea Giuricin is CEO of TRA consulting, a strategic consulting company in the transport sector based in Barcelona. TRA consulting works with top management of a variety of international organizations from Europe, the Middle East and Asia at the strategic and operational level.

Dr. Giuricin is a visiting professor at the China Academy of Railway Sciences, an organization created by producers, government and academia. He is also an adjunct professor in Mobility Management at the University Milano Bicocca in Italy and he is an adjunct professor in Marketing Management at the University of Minnesota, Michigan State University and the University Southern California.

He has published several books and analyses on the transport field and his works and expertise have been cited in a variety
of broadcast and print media (including Xinhua, Wall Street Journal, BBC, FT, Bloomberg, Reuters, The Economist, LeMonde, O Globo).


Enrico Trapazzo is President and CEO at FS Italian Railways USA Inc. (FS USA).  Based a on a legal background and multi-language capabilities, Enrico's expertise is a unique blend of international experience and long-lasting knowledge of large rail businesses both in Italy and abroad.

In his more than 31-year career within the FS Italian Railways Group, he witnessed the transformation of several transportation markets from commercial, technological and regulatory standpoints, and acquired a deep experience in managing different roles and processes in various companies of that multinational rail group. His ability to implement strategic thinking into a proper technical execution is valuable, and is enriching his wide expertise in various fields, moving from marketing and distribution (including schedule planning, pricing, revenue management, customer care, system integration, ticketing and multiple selling channels) to strategy, business development, legal, regulatory, procurement and corporate matters.

On top of his consolidated skills of shadow manager and clever negotiator, Enrico is also an expert of mobility and regulatory frameworks, and managed successfully start-ups, joint ventures, multi-level organizations and branches operating abroad. He is supporting international rail associations (Chair of both CIT’s CIV Committee and UIC Legal Group) and is backing the FS Group in several projects as a Senior Key Executive (Egyptian Railways Transformation Plan, Metro Riyadh, California High Speed Rail).

The global high speed rail network is one of the great feats of modern engineering, and proves to be the best form of transportation ever invented.  The global high speed rail network is rapidly expanding across continents world wide - delivering fast, efficient mobility to numerous nations every day.

HSR is currently in operation in more than 20 countries (including the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan).  HSR is under construction in more than 10 countries (including China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, Spain, and Italy); and in development in another 14 countries (including Qatar, Morocco, Iran, Russia, Poland, Portugal, Bangladesh, South Africa, India, Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil).  HSR has been in operation in Japan for 50 years carrying more than 9 billion passengers without a single fatality

China's massive high speed rail network
China built more than 12,000 miles of state-of-the-art HSR in 9 years!

Facts from UIC
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