21st Century Transportation for America


Our mission is to build widespread public, business, and political support for a major investment in a national high speed rail network.
Membership puts you at the forefront of a new revolution in 21st century, sustainable transportation in America.  Be at the center of the action in the new US high seed rail industry, which is about to take off, and will be America's next industrial revolution.  There are many opportunities for involvement in the US High Speed Rail Association with different membership levels and categories to choose from.  Keep up with the latest information, find jobs, staff and more.  As a member you can benefit from the many events and services we offer including: 

  • Advocacy - The national voice for advancing high speed rail in America working at the Federal, state, and grassroots levels
  • Education - Offering training and informational courses for every stage of the process of high speed rail development, operations, and maintenance
  • Public Relations - Promoting high speed rail throughout the national press continuously
  • Media - Film production, advertisements, interviews, websites, blogs, newsletters, and other promotional sources about high speed rail
  • Events and Conferences - Organizing a number of large and small events each year to bring together the many players in the high speed rail industry with Federal and state elected officials
  • Programs - Organizing a number of programs to promote high speed rail including traveling exhibitions, sponsorships, and state and regional coalition formation assistance
  • High Speed Rail Tours - Organizing tours of high speed rail systems throughout Europe and Asia including rolling stock, manufacturing plants, operations and maintenance facilities
  • Industry Reports and Publications - Producing and organizing leading publications, reports, and standards for high speed rail systems
  • Networking Opportunities - Organizing a number of events large and small to enable networking with leading experts, financiers and lawmakers
  • Fellowship - Promoting a shared vision for advanced transportation in America

There are 2 options for membership in USHSR.  Business Membership is for commercial companies and service providers wishing to do business within the rail industry. Advocate Membership is for people who support bringing high speed rail to America and want to help grow the movement.  Click to view more details of each:

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US HSR.  Making it happen.